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Shop Small: JAS Jewellery 💍

This month I had the delight of interviewing the super talented, jewellery designer extraordinaire that is Jas!

This Brighton based creative makes the most stunning pieces inspired by minimalist design.

All available here

Once a secondary school teacher and now a badass woman entrepreneur making waves in the jewellery scene, Jas is building up a big reputation for her individualist craft(wo)manship.

Alike many of us, Jas was furloughed in April 2020, and instead of establishing a drag race and wine habit (ahem, ain't nothing wrong with that FYI), she used the time to launch her business, JAS Jewellery.

So, without further ado, let me hand you over to the wonderful human that is JAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!

1)Tell us about you.

Hello, I’m Jasmine and I’m the designer/maker behind JAS Jewellery.

I’m based in Brighton and create all of my pieces from my home studio where I’m continually interrupted by my two lovely cats.

2) What do you do / What do you sell?

I create contemporary minimalist jewellery with influences from minimalist art and architecture.

I love geometric shapes and playing around with the composition and balance of these shapes to create wearable pieces of art.

I work predominantly with silver but quite a lot of my pieces combine silver and copper for a pop of colour.

3) How / When did it start?

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved being creative and making things.

Before becoming a jeweller I did a degree in Graphic Design and then a few years later became a secondary school Art teacher teaching Fine Art, Textiles and Photography.

After 4 years of teaching and encouraging students to be creative I felt that I was spending less and less time being creative myself, so I enrolled on an evening course in silversmithing for 10 weeks one day a week.

This lead to me signing up for the next term and I was hooked.

I bought myself all of the basic tools to start and have slowly built up my collection over the last two years.

It wasn’t my intention to turn it into a business, but it brought me so much joy being behind my bench that I decided to make something of it.

I had a lot of free time when I was furloughed from work in April last year and that’s when I launched JAS Jewellery.

4) What online platforms do you sell from / do you have a physical shop?

I started by selling things just through Instagram at first and after I got an idea of the sort of pieces that had more interest I opened up an Etsy shop.

I’m aiming to have my own website up this year and (Covid permitting) would love to do markets.

5) What are your ambitions, where do you see the business going?

At the minute, I’m fitting my jewellery business around working full time but would love for silversmithing to be my full-time occupation one day.

I have dreams of living in a house with a garden where I have a little workshop I can escape to every day and squirrel away until the sun goes down. It’s early days yet but I’ll get there.

6) What has been the highlight so far of running your business?

I think getting my results back from my first term of the diploma. It made me realise that this was something that I was really good at.

Before then I was just making stuff and thinking it looked good but had no mentors telling me if it was or not. Having that confirmation was the best feeling.

7) Anything else you would like to add or say?

For anyone wanting to start a business in handmade jewellery, there are so many support networks.

Instagram has a great small business community and Jewellers Academy give invaluable advice about how to have a successful business.

8) If you could give one piece of advice for anyone looking to start their own business what would it be?

Oops, I jumped the gun a bit with the last answer, but also I’d say make sure you LOVE it.

If you want to start a business in something you LOVE then that passion will drive you to make your business a success (that's what I’m hoping anyway).

Instagram | Etsy


Well, I don't know about you, but I am right here, with my pom-poms CHEERING YOU ALL THE WAY JAS!

When the last year has been such a rollercoaster of uncertainty, heartache and loss, hearing people take these leaps into their passions and establishing a new career for themselves truly ignites the light in some of the darkest spaces.

WOAH hold on, I'm getting a bit deep there, but you know what I mean right?

It takes guts to set up your own business, whether you're a student, a single parent, or an 80 years young entrepreneur, whoever you are and whatever your circumstances if there was ever a time to support each other, it is now.

And if there was ever a time to pursue your dreams and desires IT IS NOW.

So go on, what do you have to lose?


Shop small and support independent businesses.

Let's help each other.

Nicola xx

P.S. Running your own business, no matter how big or small, isn't easy BUT what can make it easier is delegating your tasks.

That's where I come in.

I'm an AFFORDABLE way of helping your business thrive.

Even if it is just a couple of hours a week, handing over jobs to me will give you the extra time you so desperately need and together, we can watch your business succeed.

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