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Shop Small: Made by Bexie 🧵

This month we are talking to Bex. Businesswoman, mother and an all-round good egg. Bex runs Made by Bexie from her home in Bournemouth with her husband Mike.

You can find all sorts of personalised baby gifts on her Etsy page.

Like this super cute baby vest and hat. ALL THE BABY FEEEEEELS ❤️

Started between lockdowns, Bex turned her hobby into a business in just four months...

That's a kickass businesswoman if I ever did see one.

Now in its seventh month, Made by Bexie is taking Etsy by storm and providing wonderful gifts to bambinos all over the UK.


Well, let's find out...

Tell us about you and what you do

Made by Bexie is a small business that makes personalised baby gifts.

We are a team of two - Bex and Mike, husband and wife. We both work from our home in Bournemouth.

I (Bex), come up with the ideas and designs and Mike, being an IT engineer, helps me bring the ideas to life on our design software. Mike also manages the technical side of our Etsy shop.

How / When did it start?

Made by Bexie came to life in August 2020. My baby boy had just turned three months old and I was obsessed with personalising things for him using my Cricut.

Many other friends had recently had babies too, so I was enjoying making bespoke gifts for them. Lots of people kept saying, you should sell this stuff, so I thought, why not!

Whilst I love being a Mum (the best but toughest job I have ever had), starting Made by Bexie has given me a chance to continue being creative.

We started off just selling baby vests that could be personalised with baby names, family names etc. This quickly developed into baby gifts (personalised bears) and recently, baby sensory boxes and bags. These are our bestsellers currently!

I feel passionate about only selling something that I would happily use or play with George with, so he is our ‘product quality control’ manager!

What online platforms do you sell from / do you have a physical shop?

We sell predominately through Etsy, however, we do often get messages on Facebook and Instagram for bespoke orders. I love these as it allows me to create something that little more unique and personal.

What are your ambitions, where do you see the business going?

It would be my absolute dream to turn my part-time, evening work into a full-time business. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to spend the day with George guilt-free, knowing I am still working and contributing to my family by working in the evenings.

If Made by Bexie developed enough to allow that to become a small income for the ‘nice things in life’, that would be a dream come true.

What has been the highlight so far of running your business?

When I first launched in August, I said to Mike I hope to make 100 sales by Christmas.

I am very pleased (and feel very lucky) to say that I reached my 600th sale just before Christmas and that felt very special ending 2020 on such a high (particularly when it was a year most wanted to say goodbye to!)

If you could give one piece of advice for anyone looking to start their own business what would it be?

To have total faith in your product, do your market research and do not sell your product too cheaply.

It may make it more appealing to the customer but know the value of your time making something!

What an inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs out there.

So many of us have the ambition to turn our dreams into reality but we stifle it with nonsense like,

'But it's not the right time'

'I'm not good enough'

'I need to know everything'




It just takes an itsy bit of courage to make the shuffle over the edge and permit yourself to give it

a go.

If you fancy checking out Bex's wonderous gifts, click the links below:


If you need help starting up your business then drop me an email, nicolajoyceva@gmail.com.

By simply handing over some of your tasks to me, such as business research or project presentations, I can ease the pressure and help your business get going.

I can work on a pay as you go rate, which is a super flexible way of outsourcing tasks affordably and effectively.

So, here's to you making 2021 the year you become an ENTREPRENEURIAL LEGEND

Nicola x

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